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Welcome To MCC Janitorial Services

Best Commercial Residential Cleaning Janitorial Services in Omaha NE

Looking for janitorial services near Omaha, Nebraska? Contact MCC Janitorial Services for commercial cleaning janitorial services. We provide business cleaning services for a wide variety of industries in the Omaha area and we also offer residential cleaning services. MCC Janitorial Services offers top-notch commercial business cleaning services to the Omaha NE area. We strongly believe that you never get a second chance to make a good, first impression.

Services that we offers

Omaha Handyman, Repairs & Home Maintenance

Sewer Repair & Cleaning

Facuet & Leak Repairs

Remodeling Service


Plumbing Services

Residential Cleaning In Omaha, Nebraska

Our certified, employee craftsman have a wide range of skills

What are you doing this weekend? Did you have big plans but cancelled them at the last second once you took a look around your home and realized that you can’t put off cleaning up any longer? You shouldn’t have to choose between having a good time with your free time and having a clean home to relax in. At least, that’s how we felt when we started MCC Janitorial Services many, many years ago and it’s what we continue to preach whenever someone is considering acquiring our residential cleaning services.

About Us

Our licensed worker perform all services including:

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    Office Building Cleaning

    Handyman Services of Omaha priTop Rated Omaha Cleaners for Regular Office Cleaning

    MCC Janitorial Services is excessively detail-orientated when it comes to your office cleaning. When you hire MCC Janitorial Services, you’re hiring a team of dedicated professionals and not just subscribing to a service. We take pride in being forward thinking and routinely look for ways to go above and beyond what it is typically included in an office cleaning service. Regular office cleaning is more than just protecting your image. It’s about protecting your bottom line.

    If you have any emergency need, simply call our 24 hour emergency service

    Boost Your Contracting Business’s Reputation With our Construction Cleaning Services

    + (402) 575-9272

    Green Cleaning Omaha

    Life today is hectic and there is no reason to believe it will that it’s going to slow down any time soon. When life gets busy, one of the first things to fall by the wayside is the cleanliness of your home or business. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have a professional cleaning service you can count on. Free time is precious and few people want to waste it scrubbing floors and disinfecting services. We at MCC Janitorial Services have enjoyed a ton of success thanks to our ability to step up in times of need and provide a service that improves the overall health and safety of any given residence or business in the area.

    Construction Cleaning Omaha

    No matter how big or small your construction project is, it is guaranteed to make a huge mess. There is no way to prevent it, which is unfortunate because it can hurt morale if the mess is allowed to accumulate for both contractor and client alike. A clean job site is an efficient job site. Think about it, is it easier to work in a clean or cluttered space? Even if you typically work at a desk, keeping your area clean can do wonders for your productivity. Can you imagine the difference it makes when you are putting up drywall, installing cabinets or nailing in shingles? Not to mention, construction is very detail oriented work. (402) 575-9272 !

    Specialty Green Cleaning Equipment

    Many people are under the impression that a green cleaning service is little more than paying for someone to come to your home and business with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to spray on the various surfaces. While there are certainly green cleaning services that amount to little more than this, when you choose MCC Janitorial Services as your green cleaning service provider, you are getting professional cleaners with the latest green cleaning equipment to make your home or business a healthier, more environmentally friendly place.

    Gym Cleaning Omaha

    With all the people that come in and perspire over the communal equipment in your gym, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that gyms and fitness centers are among the most ideal places for bacteria and germs to call home. This is an unfortunate truth because gym members are health-conscious by nature. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be paying for a membership to use your facilities. As a result, if you aren’t providing your gym with the proper maintenance, then you could be doing serious damage to your bottom line. If your equipment, floors and locker rooms always appear to be in a state of disrepair, it won’t be long before your members defect to the competition.

    Industrial Cleaning Omaha

    A clean work environment promotes health, safety, efficiency and productivity, but it can be difficult to achieve in the industrial sector given how much goes in to the day-to-day operations of manufacturing plants and warehouses. Of course, the best way to make sure the cleanliness of your industrial property does not start to slip is to hire a qualified team of professional janitors to stay on top of it. If getting a team of certified, trained, licensed and insured professionals on the case sounds like the ideal situation for you, then contact MCC Janitorial Services today. We have been proud to serve industrial spaces all over the area, helping them prosper into greater successes.

    Our high level of expertise will benefit your organization because we take great pride in being able to increase the overall health and safety of your facility. MCC Janitorial Services can offer the highest level of industrial cleaning services in the area at the most affordable prices, which is why you should call and get your free estimate today.

    Full-Service Industrial Cleaning Companies

    If you have been duped before by a cleaning company that says they can clean your facility only to show up expecting you to supply the necessary tools, you don’t have to worry about that with us. MCC Janitorial Services is an asset-based cleaning company, meaning we own all our equipment and know how to use it in the most efficient manner.

    Medical Office Cleaning Omaha

    All businesses need to keep their facilities clean because cleanliness projects professionalism. When you neglect to provide your employees and clients with a clean environment, regardless of what industry you’re in, you are hurting your business’s reputation. And in no industry is this more detrimental than healthcare.

    Customized Cleaning Services

    Every medical office functions in its own unique way. That may because of personnel or the specialization of your practice, but for us, that means we need to be able to adapt our cleaning services in order to meet your facility’s unique needs. There is no sense trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, same goes for trying to sell you on a prepackaged service that doesn’t address little details that can make all the difference. When you call MCC Janitorial Services today to request your free quote, we will ask you about what it is that you do so that we can already begin formulating how we will approach cleaning your medical office.

    Office Cleaning Checklist Omaha

    When you choose MCC Janitorial Services as your office cleaning service provider, we utilize a customizable checklist to make sure that no stone is left unturned. Every office is used differently, which influences how the messes accumulate. To ensure customer satisfaction, we follow your instructions to a tee. The frequency of our services is up to you as are the priorities.

    Post-Construction Cleaning Omaha

    If your home or business has just been built, renovated or remodeled and you think you can walk right in, you are in for a shock. Unless you have hired the world’s most considerate contractors, there is going to be a mess that needs to be taken care of before you can fully settle in. Unfortunately, a post-construction cleanup is rarely as simple as sweeping up the dust, although we can almost guarantee that there is going to be a lot of dust.

    Shopping Center Mall Grocery Store Cleaning Omaha

    Shopping centers aren’t what they used to be. Let’s face the facts, people don’t need to head to the mall or even the corner store when they need something. Everything they could ever want is available online. But that doesn’t mean your operation is obsolete. Shopping centers still have a role to play in our lives. They can still serve as a social outing or a place to congregate and that can never be replaced by online shopping, either to grab a bite to eat, see a movie or just take a walk and window shop.
    However, to make your shopping center a destination for friends and families, it needs to be a place they feel comfortable being in. And comfort can be a difficult feeling to evoke if your mall or shopping center isn’t receiving proper maintenance. Whenever a space is dirty, it’s typically the first thing people notice and it more often than not leaves a bad taste in their mouths. Thankfully, it has never been easier to guarantee that your shopping center is as clean as can be.

    Getting The Best Results From Your Housekeeper, Maid, Janitorial Service Or Cleaning Service.

    Call us today to request a free quote on our expert tile and grout cleaning services.

    No matter your tastes, you can’t go wrong with tile flooring. The amount of different styles, colors and textures available is staggering and you are sure to find something that suits your home or business. Plus, it can last up to 50 years and this longevity makes the investment worthwhile. That said, it can be difficult to maintain overtime. When it comes to spot cleaning, tile is one of the easiest materials to tidy up, but like carpet, grime builds up over time and dulls your tile’s appearance and discolors the grout.
    Grout is a porous material that can’t be cleaned with regular mopping. The only way to restore your tile and grout to its former glory is to remove the dirt that’s buried deep within the material’s little holes is with a professional clean. So, when you are ready to rejuvenate your home or business’s tiles, give MCC Janitorial Services a call.

    How We Clean Tile and Grout

    Sealing Tile and Grout

    There are many different tile and grout cleaning methods we can apply to your home or business. It really depends on the type of tile, the size of the room and where it’s located. We can clean tile and grout on floors, counters and walls, but there are different practices for each.

    We will begin the process by conducting a comprehensive inspection just to see the extent of the dirt. Once we have completed the assessment of the tile and grout you need cleaned, we will devise a unique strategy to maximize the effectiveness of our services. From there, all you need to do is sit back, relax and wait to enjoy your good-as-new tiles.


    Handyman Services of Omaha have been helping Omaha homeowners with their home repair and improvement needs for 25 years. We are proud to be one of Omaha’s oldest and consistently best reviewed professional handyman services.

    • We specialize in small and medium sized jobs many other contractors turn down, or accept reluctantly
    • We have the skills and experience to do many types of home repair and improvement work
    • We can often do everything on your to-do list so you don’t have to hire multiple tradespeople
    • We are reliable, insured, and have a reputation for excellent customer service and fair dealing
    • We serve homeowners and their homes, mostly single family older homes.
    • Note that we don’t work on rental or commercial properties
    • We have chosen to remain a small, local company focused on high quality work and personal service
    • We prioritize serving repeat and returning clients – we prefer an ongoing relationship to a job, and we have been fortunate to have many clients trust us with the care of their homes year after year