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Looking for a commercial building cleaning company for your store, business office or restaurant chain in Omaha NE?  MCC Janitorial Services Cleaning Services offer affordable commercial and residential cleaning in Omaha.  MCC Janitorial Services Cleaning Services  provides top-quality business cleaning services for any kind of business or facility such as schools, daycares, restaurants, retail stores, department stores, warehouses, Apartments and senior living Apartments.  We also do hauling, junk removal and clean out services. Get more information now! If you need a full building maintenance and facility maintenance company for you property,  MCC Janitorial Services is the answer. Cost? Free estimates! Call today or book a cleaning service online quickly!


Cleaning companies are common, but a trusted and reliable source for all your commercial cleaning and janitorial service solutions is a rare commodity. At  MCC Janitorial ServicesCleaning Services , as a family owned professional cleaning company we take pride in our work and stand behind our services to provide you with the best cleaning services available guaranteed. 

When it comes to commercial cleaning companies in Omaha NE, no one cleans better than  MCC Janitorial ServicesCleaning Services. Our owner-operators are well-trained, undergoing a 5-week course to learn proper cleaning techniques, methods, and special skills. To uphold our commitment to producing the ultimate clean, we use different-colored microfibers cloths to prevent cross-contamination in addition to fresh mop pads and strong disinfectant.


We use environment friendly product for a safer space. These green products leaves your establishment sanitary and odor-free without the use of hard chemicals that can harm the environment. Our products are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to be non-hazardous and non-toxic, making them safe even for the most delicate spaces.


Our employees take pride in their work and are appreciated through job recognition and financial rewards. At  MCC Janitorial Services Cleaning Services , we provide continuous “on the job” training programs on products, safety, working procedures and customer relationships to bring you the best value for your investment. Whether it’s your small business or large commercial building, you will be impressed with the level of service you receive from our staff. We’re glad you are considering  MCC Janitorial ServicesCleaning Services  for your commercial cleaning needs. If you have any questions about our services, we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

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We boast that we’re “Not What You’re Used To” because we know that what you are used to with janitorial services should not be tolerated! We are locally and woman-owned, NOT a franchise out of touch with your daily needs or a small mom-and-pop-run shop; we don’t do contracts so we can earn your business instead of binding you to it! We do everything differently to ensure a great relationship with our customer and our employees! Ask around, people like us.

Office Cleaning – Bonded and Insured

When it comes to office cleaning, we are all too familiar with the litany of complaints most facility managers have about their current or past office cleaning service companies! We LOVE the opportunity to show clients the  MCC Janitorial ServicesCleaning Services Omaha difference. We bring proactive solutions to what ails you most and equip and inspect our staff to ensure the highest possible chances of success and longevity! We don’t tolerate complacency, the enemy in office cleaning



We are familiar with the litany of complaints most facility managers have about their current or past janitorial services company, so we come to the table with proactive solutions to these all too common issues:

Our janitorial services company: “doesn’t seem to dust on a regular schedule, if at all.”

Our janitorial services company: “is constantly sending different crew members, and at differing time! It is so inconsistent and not what we were promised.”

Our janitorial services company: “has to be asked to do anything specific or at all above the scope of work we agreed to. Do I really need to ask them to vacuum up the pile of dead bugs in the corner?”

Our janitorial company: “is so difficult to communicate with; I’m not sure they even read the log book, and when they do it is days later and their idea of a solution is not to our standards. We haven’t heard from anyone from management since signing their contract.”

Our janitorial company: “offers such an insincere, memorized apology when we do get a hold of someone in charge and then their solution is simply to replace our crew with a new one. We always end up hitting the same road blocks with each crew!”

Our janitorial services company: “has such high turnover. We start with a new cleaning crew every few months it seems, and it is very time consuming for us to get comfortable with the new crew and their ability to learn our preferences, etc.”


Most companies charge separately for labor-intensive special services such as stripping and waxing floors 15 cents – 50 cents a square foot), carpet cleaning ($15-$40 an hour), and cleaning microwaves or refrigerators ($10-$25 per appliance). Generally the larger the office, the lower the cost per square foot.


Generally, commercial kitchen cleaning services charge by the hour: Rates usually range from $50 to $150 per hour, depending on the number of crew members. A two-person cleaning crew costs an average of $50 per hour, but it will take several hours to get the job done


Ultimate Guide to Office Cleaning Prices

Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all hourly rate or price per square foot that you can expect to pay. Office cleaning prices depend on many factors including:

1) Geographic Area

– Where is your office located? A major metropolitan like Brooklyn, Omaha City or a small town like Port Washington, Wisconsin?

2) Scope of Office Cleaning Services

– What areas and tasks do you want cleaned? Do you need additional services such as window cleaning? Do you want a basic service or a full service?

3) Frequency of Office Cleaning Services

– Do you want your office cleaned five times per week (daily) or is one time per week sufficient?

4) Size of Facility

– Do you run a small 1,000 square foot office or a large 30,000 square foot facility?



Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No, you sign nothing at all. Both parties work off of a written proposal that details janitorial services provided and their cost. You can make a change to your cleaning service or even terminate janitorial services with a phone call.

Are background checks performed on all employees?

Yes. All staff members are employees, not subcontractors enabling us to verify 100% compliance. You can rest assured that your janitorial services are provided by an individual who will represent  MCC JANITORIAL SERVICESCommercial Cleaning with the utmost professionalism and pride in their job and will take good care of your office cleaning needs.

What about proper insurance?

We carry General Liability insurance and Workman Compensation coverage. This is to protect you against damaged property or injury to person while our staff is on your property performing office cleaning janitorial cleaning services.

What can you tell me about the training of your staff?

All employees, regardless of experience level, must go through Basic Training Boot Camp where they learn how we perform each cleaning task. This guarantees consistency and excellence in the quality of cleaning your office will receive from our staff.

After that, Advanced Training takes place at the actual account they will be assigned to in the presence of a Trainer or Supervisor. Any specific situations or tasks needed will be trained at this time creating a unique cleaning experience for your individual office.

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely! If you are not satisfied with any cleaning visit we will dispatch a supervisor to rectify any problem immediately and credit that cleaning on your next invoice. If you aren’t happy, we don’t get paid! When you invest in quality office cleaning, you will get nothing less that QUALITY every time!

How do I get started?

Simply click on the “Get Free Estimate” button or call for a free consultation at  and we will be happy to set up our FREE sample cleaning so you can check us out first hand!

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